Messages from guides


Health has no T.
T is a mathematic that says : "because this is, this is".
Universal mathematic is very different because it sees infinite possibilities, PossibiliTies.

If you make things possible, you will know how to invent a new mathematic.


When we have hope, we can be happy.
When we have hope, we can choose the opposite of joy. We can choose fear of not seeing it being accomplished.

How to receive messages from guides

Communication along with the other dimensions comes through a well-prepared material.
Your material is your body.
The body needs to be fed by vital energies, prana contained in light and water.


It is never good to feel like you are at someone else's place and frighten them.
On the other hand, reassure your brother, take him in your arms, shelter him from his own fear is the only prophecy that you need to share.

Prerequisite to listening to the messages of the guides

My loved ones, this voice that speaks seems to be coming from a superior place that holds wisdom that you "poor humans" would not be endowed... (laugh)


I speak to you about color, bright color, vibrant color. This vibrance gives you indications on the path to take. Each of you has a favorite color or color or predilection. Dress in your colors, look at them often and you will be carried by the actions that you had projected [...]

Give way to the light

Simply observe the light that is in you and this observation that is not a thought - it is just a let be - lets you grow. Give way to the light. Giving more room to the light means opening your heart's space. To open your heart's space and let it go out [...]

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a vibrational change of rate, it is not levitation that brings you, as if by magic, on a new land. These are all the little anniversaries you are going through, which allow you to access a part of your Being that lives in other dimensions.


Patience is the renunciation of the fact that we have science: patience ... We give up knowing everything and we relax, and each of our steps indicates a new knowledge, a new science, we walk blindly, blinded by the great Light of spiritual science.

The gift

The true gift is the gift of Being, the gift of Life  

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