Individual consultation for an in depth accompaniment

Certain moments of passage, trauma, transformation need to be set aside and put into perspective to find peace.

One needs to be well listened and enlightened to perceive the messages of the unconscious and the repetitive schemes which prevent us to move forward.

For more than 20 years, I've gladly accompanied many searchers of light towards freedom, growth and joy!

There are many people looking for a psychotherapist open to the spiritual world and capable of welcoming your questioning, gifts and intuition.

As a psychotherapist of Jungian training, I know how to accompagny you in the balance between earth and sky in the respect of your beliefs and aspirations.

The liberation of your creative potential that you recognize as an artist or not, is always a huge step towards joy. We could, depending on the situation, use different tools (singing, magnetism, meditation, canalisation, shamanism, breathing, etc...) if the traditional conversational mode of psychotherapy doesn't help you grow.

I will gladly accompany you in the deep respect of yout unique personality.


Quand vous irez voir Dominique ,

elle vous souhaitera la bienvenue avec chaleur,

elle vous écoutera comme personne ne vous écoute,

elle vous guidera pour avancer, pour vous regarder avec bienveillance,

pour révéler toute votre richesse.

Vous cheminerez à votre rythme vers des espaces lumineux. »


Practical information

Lieu : La Queue lez Yvelines

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