Soul Reading

A path back to the heart and an essential meeting with yourself

What is soul reading ?


Soul reading is a path back to the heart. It is an essential meeting with yourself.

A soul reading lets you welcome messages from your soul. The things you need to hear at this present time.

I will connect to your subtil bodies and say in words what your soul knows that you can transform in useful information for a present evolution.

A soul reading permits you to make a link between your different incarnations to be able to lighten your current life path and consent to it with grace.

It is not necessary for everyone to know their different incarnations. In certain cases it can act as a liberation that helps you understand stakes and challenges to get through.

Apropriate actions are offered to you to shape your projects and access your greater shine.


Your capability to deeply read me let me finally see myself. Thank you for your light.Paul
Dominique dives in the deepest part of your being to detect the light that you truly are and shows you how unique and wonderful you are. And if you accept to look at yourself the way you are, then you will never be the same.Bernard

What happens during a session ?


Each individual is unique. So is a session !

It consists in general of a verbal and vibratory exchange where you can benefit of information that will help you find your way to your path of destiny.

In most cases, certain revelations (consciously or unconsciously) will permit you to become conscious and let go of repetitive patterns that don't help your highest evolution.

Finally, concrete advice to daily put in place a life in agreement with your soul mission will be provided.

Practical information

A soul reading session

Durée : 1h

A soul reading session + magnetism (tick box at checkout)

Duration : 1h30

Book session

Une séance de lecture d'âme (1 heure)

Prix : 70 €

Une séance lecture d'âme + magnétisme (cocher la case au moment de commander 1h30)

Price : 100€

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