Le magnétisme

An energetic care to free yourself of pain and reconnect with your natural magnetism

What is magnetism ?


Healing magnetism is a natural and ancestral care technique that allows to circulate the necessary energy to the body and mind to help them rebalance, relieve their tensions, disorders, addictions and pains.

Magnetism is not a substitute for your medical treatment, it can supplement it. This vibratory dialogue with cellular memories allows everyone to reconnect with Nature, its deep nature and its natural self-healing abilities.

The most common pains relieved during the magnetism sessions :

  •    Psychic and emotional disorders
  •    Addictions (tabac, drogues, alcool)
  •    Joint pain
  •    Skin diseases
  •    Muscle pain
  •    Douleurs  liées au système uro-génital
  •    Troubles gastriques
  •    Migraines

This list is non-exhaustive, the activation of magnetism in the body helping many pains.


Merci du travail fait ensemble ! Je suis alignée comme depuis bien longtemps ( ou jamais?) !!Alix

Je me sens enfin légère et débarrassée de toutes ces angoisses et des boutons qui allaient avec ! Merci Dominique, vous êtes précieuse…


Mon coeur est très reconnaissant envers Dominique qui est un vrai canal de lumière, son magnétisme est fort et on se sent tellement bien guidé. Merci Dominique j’ai retrouvé ma joie de vivre et de créerSylvie

What happens during a session ?


A small preliminary interview where you will explain your expectations will allow me to focus the session on what will bring you the greatest long-term benefits. Then, either sitting or lying on a fully dressed massage table you will receive massages and magnetic passes over your body.

Depending on your sensitivity, I will adapt the techniques and tools that will help you the most and accompany you with respect and kindness to reconnect with your power of self-healing.

For your session, avoid wearing silk, leather, a watch, jewelry loaded with energy from the past or ... your frowning brows 😉 everything will be fine!

Magnetism is a subtle dialogue between your energy and the universal energy that knows what change you are ready to accomplish or endure.

Depending on the case, you will leave a session completely relieved of other problems than those that bring you and which are a prerequisite for the release of your ills ... This is a bonus!

Practical information

A magnetism session

Duration : 1 hour

Donation of your choice (suggested minimum 30 €)

A magnetism session + soul reading (tick box at checkout)

Duration : 1h30

Donation of your choice

Location: La Queue lez Yvelines

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