Group coaching


Many of you have asked me to create a coaching group so that anyone who wants to open up to their gifts around the world can access it. It is done ! Welcome!

If you feel significant changes in yourself and want to find your true mission of life, want to develop your intuitions, understand your dreams and recognize synchronicities,

If you feel concerned by the global change and the need to deploy a more humanist and universal conscience,

If you feel in yourself gifts of mediumship that you want to develop,

if you feel called by holistic care, channeling, magnetism, shamanism, service to others, vibratory singing and soul music,

Or if you are simply open and want to participate with your energy and loving presence in a transformation at a universal level, this group is made for you!

Membership in the Sharing Group:

"Canalization, mediumistic donations and holistic care"

It gives you access to :

  • The letter of the month with all the monthly energy trends
  • Transcribing or recording essential evening messages
  • The Facebook group
  • The discussions with other members of the group
  • To the participation of live videos, exercises and all support created by this group
  • To the sharing of information and knowledge
  • To the PDFs, videos, audios and ressources to develop your gifts
  • To the opportunity to put yourself in test mode and offer your services to the group
  • To the opportunity to make your promotion (only in areas promoted by the site in respect of its ethics)
  • To the power of the egregore created by the union of our intentions and increased tenfold by the teaching of the guides
  • To the joy of participating together to the evolution of each person through help and kindness

If after 15 days your intuition tells you this group is not made for you, you can get a refund (after deduction of events in which you participated or benefited from audio, video or PDF media) at the current rate on the site on request, via email . After this time, your membership is firm and final for the year. No refund can be obtained for any reason whatsoever.

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