The song of the soul

Sing with your heart and learn to heal with your voice

My Voice Path : Royal Voice 

Singing classes and vocal coaching

  • Find a respectful and benevolent space to develop and perfect your voice
  • Be coached to initiate and/or complete an artistic project
  • Stay aligned to your voice/path.
  • Develop your magnetism and transmit positive waves.
  • Have the voice of your heart
  • Dare to be the creator of the masterpiece of your life

For a fun session, a regular accompaniment, singing workshops or online classes I would be honored to accompany you on the path of joy towards yourself.

If you wish to learn how to sing, write your own songs, perform on stage or be accompagnied in individual sessions for a coaching, a singing therapy or relaxing moments and vibratory alignment, I am here for you, in person or online !

Vibratory singing is truly soul singing.

Did you know that your voice is a unique and powerful vibration that can change your life ?

When you let yourself be moved by this vibration, that you learn to canalise it and that you are aligned with life's flow, you can choose experiences of peace, joy and sharing that you wish to live.

To let yourself be moved and ride this vibration means reconnecting yourself with who you really are and have an unlimited potential to reach your goals and the life you want.


This is what happens when you are part of a project that is going well : this happens because you are aligned with a natural current where your breath and voice are the first to be engaged.

On the other hand, when everything seems to go wrong, that you are making singing mistakes, that your voice is not heard or worse, when you are not singing at all : you are not following your "voice".

Which voice are you hearing at the moment in your life? How do you blow on the first domino that is going to enchant the symphony to your life ? What is the music you make resonate in the world and how do you invite the harmony to settle permanently ?

You could answer all these questions thanks to these individual sessions that mix vocal and vibratory technique and personal fullfiment.

It doesn't matter what your "level" of singing is, prepare to be in contact with the song of the world that lives in you and is asking for a part of your voice to bring you to the creation of a balanced, rich and joyous voice/path.

Welcome !

Practical information

Location: La Queue lez Yvelines

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